AC/DC for Christmas No.1

Christmas is quickly creeping up on us which mean it’s almost time for the X-Factor to churn out their annual winner’s single. *shudder*.

Over the past decade the winners of the talent show have dominated the music charts and made it to Christmas number one. There have been many attempts to de-throne X-Factor winners of this slot, many unsuccessful. Although in 2009 a Facebook campaign was created to make Rage Against the Machines’, 1992 released single, ‘Killing in the Name’ reach the number one spot.

The social media campaign created nationwide publicity and the band sold 500,000 copies in downloads and so rightly so reached Christmas number one.

Well this year a similar Facebook campaign has been kicked off to try and get AC/DC’s song, ‘Highway to Hell’ to the seasonal top spot. The page on the social media website has already generated over 90,000 likes and was only set up in the past week. It’s not even December yet! So there’s high hopes.

Let’s just hope that everyone who has liked this page so far will download the single!

Here’s one of my favourite AC/DC song’s:


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